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Thank you for taking the time to find our web site. Here you will only find listed the members of CSCT and their email addresses, goals for trading, and the URL of their individual web pages. Members trade amongst them selves, but are not discouraged from trading with other people who contact them. None of us want to be "spammed" or have offers to sell us cards, as we are traders. Please feel free to use the link to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page below if you want more information about our group.

If you wish to apply to join our group, please click the link below to the application page, which has a form you can use to apply for membership. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions page before applying. There is no excuse for not knowing what our expectations are of new members. As of 8 Feb 2003 the list of collectors below has changed from a list done in alphabetical order to one based on the accumulated trader points (see FAQ for details of Trader Points), the trader has. This seemed a fair way to "reward" frequent traders as it has been the experience of nearly all concerned that those who’s name is near the top of the list seems to get more trade offers than those at the bottom of the list.

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Doug Wood - 2712 Pts. (Member since 01/03/02)
Doug collects hockey only and only some sets and insert sets. Doug does not collect any specific player or players.
Doug’s Wants and Traders Page.
Doug’s Traders by Player Name Page.



Ralph Hartlen - 2359 Pts. (Member since 30/01/03)
At this point in time Ralph is trying to complete a some sets from a few years ago. He is collecting Heatley as his main focus and has added some Boston Players to his list; Bergeron, Zinoviev, and Corazzini. RC always considered in filling out a trade.
Ralph’s Web Page



Walter Carlson - 1856 Pts. (Member since 27/02/02)
Walter collects cards of current Montreal Canadiens players and also Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Vincent Lecavalier, Roberto Luongo, Evgeni Malkin, Patrick Marleau , Alex Ovechkin, Steven Stamkos, Jonathan Toews and Joe Thornton.
Walter’s Web’s Page

Nik Goel - 1669 Pts. (Member since 29/10/03)
Nik is collecting most Vancouver Canuck cards (commons, rookie cards, parallels, inserts, game-used, autographs, etc). He is also active on eBay, the Topps board and on the Beckett boards.
Nik’s Wantlist
Nik’s Tradelist



Maxime Bérubé - 1395 Pts. (Member since 15/04/02)
Maxime is collecting hockey cards because he enjoys it! He is collecting all of Simon Gagné, Maxime Ouellet, Michel Goulet, Jaromir Jagr cards including all parallel and insert cards. He also has an extensive (must be seen to believe) wantlist of regular and special cards!
Maxime’s Web Page

Michel Gonthier - 1329 Pts. (Member since 01/03/03)
Michel collects hockey cards since 1991.He is looking for the following cards: Patrick Roy, Jose Theodore, cards and stickers to complete his OPC sets,as well as a few more.
Michel’s Web Page

Rene Hatlas - 1280 Pts. (Member since 30/03/03)
Rene collects cards that feature Quebec Nordiques. As well Rene collects Parallels, Checklists, Title cards, Promos, and Unredeemed Redemption cards.
Rene’s Web Page

Bob Pinette - 1272 Pts. (Member since 18/05/02)
Bob enjoys the collecting hobby. He is collecting for himself and his two sons. His son Stephan likes to collect Steve Yzerman, and Andrew likes Patrick Roy cards. He also collects doubles of Chris and Sean Pronger for the boys.(The Pronger boys are from Dryden too). Bob builds sets, and enjoys trading actively. He has his heart set on a Yzerman and a Roy RC but knows they will be tough trades to make happen.
Bob’s Web Page

Nathan Manship - 1245 Pts. (Member since 28/02/02)
Nathan collects mainly hockey, in sets as well as certain players. He has a fair number of commons to help people complete sets. He collects Ryan Getzlaf, Paul and Steve Kariya and Marleau. As well as Hall, Eberle, Paajarvi and Nugent-Hopkins from the Oilers.
Nathan’s Web Page

Shawn Cook - 1178 Pts. (Member since 20/03/03)
Shawn collects the following Leafs Ė Bozak, Gardiner and Reilly. He is also interested in just about any GU and autoís as well as finishing off sets, primarily UD Artifacts and YGís as well. Also starting as PC of auto's (preferably hardsigned) of every player to have played for the Leafs (let him know what you have ).
Shawn’s Web Page
Shawn’s Photobucket

Kirby Stubbert - 1056 Pts. (Member since 10/29/04)
Kirby is interested in Steve Yzerman, but also trying to finish many sets. Other players of interest include: Joe Sakic, Manny Legace, Guy Carbonneau, Steve Duchesne, Karl Dykhuis, and Rob Zettler.
Kirby's Web Page

Gary Cameron - 1056 Pts. (Member since 09/07/03)
Gary has an extensive set of wishlists, including Hockey, Baseball, Football and non-sport cards. He has as many cards available to trade as he requires or more. Gary’s goals are to finish of many of his currently under construction sets, as well as enjoy the hobby of card trading and collecting.
Gary’s Web Page

Wade Lewis - 1019 Pts. (Member since 07/13/09)
Set wise Wade is trying to complete a set of all Crown Royale and Black Diamond products made. Player wise he collects all the players who were born in his hometown of Medicine Hat, AB. (Trevor Linden, Murray Craven, Corey Hirsch, Blaine Lacher). Derek Boogaard (who played for the Tigers) and Jordin Tootoo (his youngest daughter's favorite player). And lastly the most famous Medicine Hat Tiger, Lanny McDonald..
Wade’s Web Page



Dave Steinhauser - 956 Pts. (Member since 03/25/07)
Dave collects autographs of Jarome Iginla, Ottawa Senators & Vancouver Canucks.
Dave’s Web Page

Dave Wojick - 934 Pts. (Member since 15/04/04)
Dave collects both baseball and hockey sets. He has extensive traders available in all sports as well as non-sports cards. Dave enjoys collecting and helping other collectors achieve their goals.
Dave’s Web Page

Jarrod Beztilny - 907 Pts. (Member since 20/04/03)
Jarrod's main goals are to collect every Joe Sakic and Mike Peca card made. He also picks up some Mike Bossy, Chuck Kobasew, Sheldon Souray, and Todd Fedoruk stuff here and there, and tries to build a few sets every year, but often without the SPs.
Jarrod’s Web Page

Larry Barto - 900 Pts. (Member since 04/20/09)
Larry has been collecting hockey cards since 1990. His main interests are completing sets and collecting Mario Lemieux cards(memorabilia, autos and anything else of his). He has an extensive list in Excel available upon request. He is also looking for RCs of some Pens like Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Fleury, Goligoski, Letang, and some others.
Larry’s Web Page



Harvey Arychuk - 882 Pts. (Member since 18/08/02)
Harvey collects hockey cards only and is trying to complete sets - base cards and insert sets. He is avidly trying to complete sets from 1990 to present with less emphasis on the newer sets until he completes the older ones. He is also working on all O Pee Chee sets before 1990. He has some complete and needs to complete others.
Harvey’s Web Page

François Cayer - 828 Pts. (Member since 28/03/04)
François is a base set collector mostly. He also has this crazy dream to build all MVP sets. Since he didn't collect some years he has much to do to catch up with these sets.
François' Web Page



Eric Audet - 733 Pts. (Member since 23/03/03)
Eric is a big Pierre Turgeon collector, and regional players from the Quebec Province, also he collects some Habs (first card with Habs), and is interested in some Rookie Cards of Quebec-born players.Eric does also want to complete some sets and more will be added to his lists as time permits
Eric’s Web Page



Bruce Wylie - 695 Pts. (Member since 06/06/03)
Bruce collects mostly baseball cards. He loves to help other people complete sets as well as completing his own sets.He collects Expos (this could be their last year) mostly Guerrero, Vazquez, Vidro, Armas Jr.Bruce does have some Hockey wishlists as well, and rarely will turn down a trade offer!
Bruce’s Web Page

Gregg Brown -692 Pts. (Member since 08/02/03)
Gregg is an easygoing trader who has already done many trades with members, just not when he was a member. He is looking to collect Game Used, Autographs, and Numbered Inserts of Gary Roberts, Alexander Mogilny, and Eddie Belfour in a Leafs uniform. Also Other Leafs, but all must be in a Leafs uniform. He will also trade for ANY 02/03 UD, Manchester United Soccer cards. At the minute he would like to trade for any 97/98 SP Authentic, SOTT (Except Y.Perreault) and is also interested in Non-Sports Autos (Star Trek, Buffy, Xena.....)
Gregg’s Web Page
Gregg’s Pics

Chris Lewis - 692 Pts. (Member since 01/02/04)
Chris is collecting Goalie cards, at the moment are inserts and Parallels of goaleis. The 97/98 Pinacle Mask collection is one that Chris would love to work on. As well Chris would like to complete this years McDo.
Chris’ Web Page

David Vallerand - 691 Pts. (Member since 18/03/05)
David is into building sets as well he is a collector of Gretzky and Koivu cards.
David's Web Page

Peter Boone - 627 Pts. (Member since 09/01/06)
Peterís primary focus remains Giroux, Couturier, Ottawa Senators and Canadian Football League Cards. Secondary wants are Montreal Canadiens All-Time Greats and lower end Tomas Hertl.
Peter's New Web Page



Pierre-André Brisson - 590 Pts. (Member since 10/29/04)
Pierre has a large collection (over 200,000 cards) and collects 3 players, Patrick Roy, Wayne Gretzky, and Mario Lemieux.
Pierre's Web Page

Walter Steinmacher - 587 Pts. (Member since 01/02/06)
Walter collects Hockey only. Walter is a set builder. He is trying complete base sets and need many commons from the early 80's to present day and then onto inserts.
Walter’s Web Page

Jeff Fries - 562 Pts. (Member since 14/10/02)
Jeff is trying to complete the 99/00 SP Authentic-Future Watch. He is also trying to finish off the 99/00 Black Diamond sets including the Diamond cuts, Myriad and Diamond skills. The only player he collects is Eric Lindros and he also likes trading for the odd rookie here and there.
Jeff’s Web Site

Normand Cote - 547 Pts. (Member since 05/20/08)
Normand mainly collects OPeeChee Hockey base sets and now working on his own "Top Ten Best Defenseman to have ever played the Game". Currently working on Bobby Orr, Ray Bourque, Doug Harvey, Nicklas Lidstrom and Larry Robinson.
Normand’s Web Page



Gabriel Duchesneau - 436 Pts. (Member since 09/21/04)
Gabriel collects sets and RC's.
Gabriel's Web Page

Ron Devins - 421 Pts. (Member since 09/15/06)
Ron is always looking to trade for mid to high end RC's that he needs, as well as low numbered or rare autographs of star players. He is always willing to look over tradelists or Buckets to make a trade happen.
Ron’s Photobucket

Pierre-Yves Cloutier - 420 Pts. (Member since 05/14/08)
Pierre-Yves is a rookie and rookie jersey card collector and has some sets he is building as well.
Pierre’s Web Page

Patrice Cote - 412 Pts. (Member since 03/12/08)
Patrice is a rookie collector who try to get one RC card of every star player since 1975. His second goal is to get every cards of Quebec Nordiques greats. Thirdly, he would like to get every Patrice Bergeron RC, paralells, JSY, Inserts and AU on the market. Finally, he is looking for bases, parallel, GU, RC and AU of Habs greats and Parallels, GU, Inserts, AU and RC of actual Habs players.
Patrice’s Web Page



Sean Furto - 372 Pts. (Member since 03/25/07)
Sean is mainly a player collector focusing on Yzerman, Jagr and Lupul. There are some sets that he is working on finishing as well. .
Sean’s Web Page

Jeff Shewchuk - 331 Pts. (Member since 12/12/04)
Jeff is looking to complete Sets and collect cards of Marc Savard of the Boston Bruins!
Jeff's Web Page



Brad Butchard - 267 Pts. (Member since 14/04/02)
Brad wants to work on his 50's and 60's Topps and Parkhurts sets and he is working newer Opc sets as well. He has approx. 500,000 cards to help set builders. .
Brad’s Web Page

Trevor Hammermeister - 214 Pts. (Member since 12/11/07)
Trevor is a Alex Ovechkin and Tommy Salo collector, as well as a set builder with a huge wantlist. His collection starts from 1978-79 and goes to current and newer releases. He is always looking to help out other set builders with any cards they may need that he may have.
Trevor’s Web Page
Trevor’s Facebook Page



Fred Thompson - 194 Pts. (Member since 12/11/08)
Fred is trying to cut down a bit so he is looking mainly for rcs.This is in no way all he is trading him if he has anything on his tradelist you need.I will. He will always try to make a trade.He also collects some Canucks and Star Jerseys. He is currently looking for a Gretzky Jersey (Preferably Oilers) and an autograph.
Fred’s Web Page
Fred’s Photobucket

Paul Healy - 111 Pts. (Member since 11/14/10)
Carl collects Forsberg, Lecavalier, Patrick Roy, Kovalchuk, Yashin, Brodeur, Koivu, Luongo, Iginla, Yzerman, Crosby, Game Used Cards, RC Short print, Montreal Expos cards and Frank Thomas. He also need cards to build sets.
Paull’s Web Page


UNDER 100 TRADER POINTS POINTS CLUB (relatively new and returning members)

Jean-Francois Tapp - 87 Pts. (Member since 02/12/10)
Jean-Francois is looking to complete his sets and to increase his goalie, Lecavalier, Brad Richards and Talbot collections.
Jean-Francois ’s Web Page

Brian McDonald - 85 Pts. (Member since 08/28/07)
Brian collects Mark Messier cards/memorabilia and currently has approx. 50% of the cards in production. He also collects Hall of Famer autograph cards (certified authentic in person auto's please). He also has some set wants but they are a lower priority.
Brian’s Trade List
Brian’s Messier Wantlist
Brian’s HOFF Auto Wantlist

Gord Kovnats - 68 Pts (Member since 04/03/12)
Gord collects the Winnipeg Jets both old and new teams plus the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
Gord’s Web Page

Brent Work - 6 Pts. (Member since 04/18/11)
Brent is collecting Ken Dryden, Patrick Roy (Habs), Goalie RCís and Habs autograph cards or pucks, Goalie inserts sets, Between the Pipes, The Mask and a few odds and ends.
Brent’s Web Page

Tony Zuback - 0 Pts. (Member since 05/07/17)
Tony has been collecting cards for over 38 years.He is a set collector of both Upper Deck and OPC.
Tony’s Web Page


Members in Perpetuity

This area is where we remember members of our group who have passed on into the life hereafter. Because we do not have any discrimination against Race, Religion, or Sex, we do not know or care what our members believe in. We do however hope that whatever the personal belief of our members, that their passing takes them to a better place. It is with sadness and loss, that we place the name(s) of members who have left us here.

Johanne Dumont - 101 Pts (Member since 15/04/04)  Date of Passing 03 April, 2005
Johanne’s goals were to complete her hockey card sets and have fun trading with other collectors.
In that she was successful. She was a joy to trade with, and climbed up the ladder of trader points quickly becoming a very prolific member of our group. In the short time of her membership, she touched the lives of many members. Her sets are all complete now. Her compulsion to collect is finished. We hope she is in peace and able to commune with fellow collectors and sports figures. She will be missed by all of us. Johanne leaves behind a loving family. We miss you Johanne!

Adrian Rosen - 986 Pts. (Member since 02/08/02)   Date of Passing 18 April, 2016
We lost another great trader the day that Adrian passed. He was always ready to help out with sets, IOUís and trying to find that special card for other members.

Jean-Guy Perron - 914 Pts. (Member since 09/21/04)   Date of Passing 12 February, 2017
Jean-Guy's passing leaves our group with another unfillable void, for he was one of the best in the trading community.


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